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Run a Credit Check - Credit Profile

Find out what you need to know about a prospective employee’s financial stability and responsibility with AccuScreen’s employee credit check.

  • Verify a job applicant’s credit history with an employee credit check
  • Run a credit check same day — no long waits so you can make hiring decisions quickly
  • AccuScreen uses cutting edge employee credit check technology
  • Employee credit checks are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

*Before ordering credit reports, the credit bureaus require that you have an on-site inspection performed, which has a nominal fee. This inspection must successfully be completed before ordering any credit checks.

Please note that AccuScreen provides credit reports as a convenience to our current clients. We do not provide credit reports as a one-time order, nor do we provide credit reports as a stand-alone service. Credit reports can only be ordered in conjunction with other background screening services.

When you run a credit check on a prospective employee, you gain valuable insights into not only that person’s financial stability, but also their sense of responsibility. Since stability and responsibility are two qualities high on any employer’s hiring list, an employee credit check offers the perfect way to get that indicator of possible future behavior.

Run A Credit Check – Employee Credit Check

Many employers believe the best indicator of future behavior is to look at the past, especially when it comes to a prospective employee’s existing debt, payment history, judgments, liens, collections, and bankruptcies.

That’s why an employee credit check has become a regular part of the hiring process for many employers, especially for jobs that give an employee a position of financial responsibility.

AccuScreen will provide you with the employee credit check you need. Contact us at (800) 689-2228 or click here to find out how to run a credit check today.

Employee Credit Check Information

AccuScreen provides employee credit checks in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and includes more than just a job applicant’s credit history. When you run a credit check with AccuScreen, you’ll also gain valuable information, including previous addresses and previous employers. This makes verifying information provided on a job application extremely simple.

While this information can help you make a good hiring decision, it’s important to discuss your concerns with a prospective employee as there may be extenuating circumstances to consider in a negative report, including sudden job downsizing, unexpected medical bills due to an accident or medical diagnosis, or even divorce or the death of a spouse. While these are not necessarily indicators of irresponsibility, you’ll gain perspective that can help you in hiring for any position when you run a credit check with AccuScreen.

How To Run A Credit Check

You must obtain written permission from a potential employee to run a credit check in a separate document from the actual job application. The document should also state the prospective employee may request a copy of the report if desired. AccuScreen can help you with all the paperwork required to run a credit check.

Whether you’re looking to verify application information or just want an indication as to the responsibility level of a prospective employee, AccuScreen makes it easy to run an employee credit check that helps you make the best hiring decision.